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About Us
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Customers like to know about the company and people behind the products and services they buy. Here we will tell you a little about ourselves.

Our Company

Skylit Tech Co. incorporated in Nigeria to meet the need of Nigerians through Industrial Automation, electric power and back – up, systems that are environmentally friendly and requires little or no maintenance cost and Executive, individual and Coperate training of Engineers, Technicians, Craftmen, Artisans .


Our Business Philosophy

Our Vision:

To be the African market leader in technologies that are environmentally friendly, affordable and within reach.


Our Mission:

To blaze the trail in alternative power generation and industrial technology in West Africa paving way for less reliance on noise pollution and environmental degrading electrical energy sources and keeping Nigerians abrest with the worlds latest technology.


Our Goals and Objectives:

a.       Be the number one sales channel in Nigeria and West African sub-region.

b.       Provide quality products at moderate and competitive prices.

c.       Build a reputation for excellent service delivery.

d.       Advance in the foray into other sources of alternative power systems namely; Solar energy conversion, Wind mill technology and Proton exchange membrane cells

e.       Expand product reach to the hinterland across the African Continent.

f.    Provide Quality Training for Nigerians at moderate and competitive prices  so that they can stand up to engineering professionals in any part of the world


 Our Core Values:

a.       Integrity: quality goods, customer satisfaction, honesty and commitment is our hallmark.

b.       Customer relations: Customer is the king and we endeavor to create value for our customers through products and services that are beyond people’s expectations.

c.       Friendliness: Our human capital is our highly priced assets hence, we provide good leadership based on supportive supervisions and task definitions for more flexibility to enable processes business values

d.       Dynamism: Flexible in our operations to absorb change for continuos improvement to bring innovative ideas to meet power needs of society.


Welcome to the future