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Alternative power

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Your Benefits:

a.       Cut cost, as no fueling will be required.

b.       Completely Noiseless, hence, given a conducive-working environment for good concentrations.

c.       No Air pollution hence, highly environmentally friendly.

d.       Little or no Maintenance cost.

e.       Competitive price with Warranty.

Free after sales services

All you need to know about our products.

(Inverter, Solar & Wind Energy)

How it works?

An alternative electric power system converts DC power into conventional AC power allowing you to use your T.V, DVD/CD, Fan, Fridge, Freezer, Air Conditioner, V-SAT equipments, Computers (Desktop & Laptop), Photocopier, Moderm, Router, Printers, Lighting Bulbs and all other electrical appliances when national electricity is off, no need diesel or petrol generator. Simply install the system, plug your appliance and you are set.


How long can I expect my system to run?

The amount and size (capacity) of your batteries connected to the inverter determine the run time, while you generate electricity continuously when using solar or wind energy.


How do I know which system suit for me inverter, solar or wind?

Different devices require specific wattage to run correctly and efficient.  It also depends on your choice. Please allow for physical quantification of your appliance before you install any alternative electric power system.


What is the life expectancy of the system?

Complete inverter system last up to 10 years and the batteries changed once in 3 years while solar and wind system last up to 15 years and 20 years respectively.


Does the system require any form of maintenance?

The system required little or no maintenance; rather; only change the battery once in 3 years. This also applied to solar system. The wind system needs yearly inspection.


Does the system pollute environment?

The system is friendly to environment. It does not in any form pollute environment either by air, noise, and water e.t.c.


Does the system require fuel or diesel?

The system needs no diesel, petrol or any form of petroleum product before it could work for you.


How much will it cost me to install the system?

This will be quoted after the physical quantification of your appliances and followed by wattage recommendation by the engineer.


Does my house/office wiring need inspection before installation?

Yes, we must inspect your house/office wiring before installation to avoid complexity during the installation. You may opt for direct on appliance.


Welcome to the future